Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More photos

First Night Home

Wide Awake and Ready to party!

First Visitor, Katherine Legge

Driver Fitting

I have to wear gloves so I don't scratch my face

Coming home

Finally after 3 days of being in the hospital it is time for the three of us to return to our home. Afton and Mommy checked out OK with the doctors and we were given the green flag to leave. Putting Afton in the car seat was our first big task. After hours of installing the base of the car seat in the truck, the next task was to adjust Afton's belts. Now most would think that after doing what seems to be a hundred driver fits in various types of race cars that this would be easy!! Think again. He was not happy at first but by time the final fit was complete he was a happy camper. Turns out it is one of his favorite places to be. We arrived to our home around 11:00PM and immediately tried to put him to sleep, and he did for about 20 min. He was up on the hour every hour for the entire first night. Both of us got up every time, well I might have missed one or two but most of the time. So far Afton has had alot of visitors, he seems to like all of our friends but he chooses just to sleep rather than be the center of attention when they come over. Now that Aislinn is all cleaned up and out of her hospital clothes she is a much happier person, and she no longer smells like band aids. We found that in the first few days of having Afton around he reminds me of a camp fire, you can just stare and stare at him and it never gets old, he is the most beautiful thing. Mommy looks pretty damn good herself. Well that's all for now, next up, "First bath" experience. That should be good...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Photos Day 1

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Afton Murphy Willander is finally here!!

It was a long and sometimes painful 26 hours but at 9:45PM on Thursday the 12th of June Afton made his way out into the world. He was perfectly healthy with apgar scores of 8, and 9. He weighed 6lb 2 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Both him and mommy were happy to have the laboring portion to be over. Afton enjoys eating, sleeping, and sleeping. As far as mommy goes she is doing good as well. A bit tired, a bit sore, but other than the expected she is doing fantastic. Dad is doing well to. Besides the severe back trauma I received while sleeping in the fake leather chair I am doing good. It is expected that we will get to go home some time tomorrow meaning Saturday, and we are ready for that. It is a constant line it seems of nurses coming in and out, doctors checking Aislinn. and Afton but I know they are just doing there job. One cool thing is that there is 24 hour room service here and the menu is not to bad. Well I will keepeveryoneposted with the latest news and pictures so stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Checking in to the hospital

Wednesday June, 11 2008

We have arrived and settled in at the hospital and are here for the duration. Our nurse is really nice and is probably getting sick of our continuous questions. Aislinn's bed is a lot nicer than the fake leather couch that I am going to have to sleep on. If everything goes as expected than our baby should be here tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

Aislinn and Dustin