Thursday, September 10, 2009


We survived another trip to Oklahoma. Barely. See pictures below. Afton and I traveled by ourselves and Dustin just flew in for the weekend. I have to say, traveling with Afton now is a whole new level of challenging. When he was just a baby all he did was sleep the whole time. Not anymore! The flight there all he wanted to do was run up and down the aisles. Fortunately, there weren't a lot of people who wanted to go from Chicago to OKC, and it wasn't too bad on the way down.

Dustin and I went to the Oklahoma State/ University of Georgia football game last Saturday.

We made the short trip to Stillwater where I went to college and drove by my old sorority house and met up with sorority sisters at various tailgate parties before going to the game. Stillwater has changed so much and with Boone Pickens' some-odd hundreds of million dollar donation, the football stadium has been vastly improved.

I was very impressed. While Stillwater had changed it was nice to see that all of my old friends had not. We are all still the same despite our little ones and jobs. We went out on the "strip" after the game and this is when I was forced to face the fact that I am 30 and cannot drink all day and stay out all night. We called it an evening by 1230 and this was a stretch...!

Afton had fun staying with grandpa Wendell overnight and I'm pretty sure he was allowed to do whatever he wanted and eat whatever he please. This, according to my Dad, was a tantrum-free 36 hours. I don't buy it. Dustin and I arrive home and Afton promptly throws a tantrum at lunch and Dustin and I were forced to take turns eating while we walked around outside.

I have said it, and I will say it again...this is definitely the toughest stage yet. At least I think so. I'm not sure what Dustin thinks, but I am mentally exhausted.

Afton did learn to 'play' the piano very nicely at my mom's house and he was really interested in her waterfall. She has a lot of land for him to run around on and he loved walking over 'obstacles.'

The trip home last night was...well, just look at the photos!