Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 States in 3 Months

So I am sorry that we haven't published anything in the past 2 weeks but we have been seriously busy. 2 weeks ago we all went to New Jersey for a race. It was fun, our good friend Augusta came with to watch Afton while we were working at the track. We came home for one day and left for Utah for yet another race. Afton handled all of the traveling very well, he loves being at the race track. Aislinn normally flies with Afton and she was ranting about how hard it was so I volunteered to fly back from Utah with him!! Let me tell you it is hard as Hell to be on your own in an airport and on an airplane with a pissed off baby. But we made it back and I played it off to be easy!! Like I said in the title Afton has been to 11 stated in his short 3 month life. Minnesota, Oklahoma, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Utah, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Next week we will get number 11 when go off to Georgia for the next race at Road Atlanta. We will keep you posted.. Love you all

3 month photos with friends

Girl friend Fiona

Champ Car driver and best bud, Speedy Dan Clarke

Sprint car driver Ryan Pace and Girlfriend Augusta

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GO Colts!!!

It has been a big weekend for Afton watching all of his various sports icons. It was a busy Saturday watching college football and Afton was pleased that the Minnesota Gophers and Oklahoma State Cowboys (Go Pokes!!!) both won their games. To balance out the heavy sports watching, we all ventured to the Penrod Arts Fair at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and had our fair share of culture for the day as well. On Sunday it was the Indy Car Series finale at Chicago and Afton was glad to see that Scott Dixon won the Championship (Scott's wife Emma met Afton earlier this year and they became friends...the little charmer that he is). Finally, it is the Indianapolis Colts opening game Sunday night and to commemorate this great event, Afton and I dressed up proud in blue to support our team. Afton loves Peyton Manning and he feels that Peyton will have a great game this evening.

On another note...we purchased a jogging stroller a little over a week ago, and we're now up to running 4.5 miles a day...that's a lot for us :) and Afton loves to go fast. It used to be that he hated being still and we had to keep the stroller moving, but now when we walk it's not good enough, we have to run. We'll have to nip this whole "going fast" thing in the bud now unless Uncle Slade makes it big and decides to sponsor him!

Oh, and another thing...you can probably tell in the photo, but Afton's hair is falling out!!! He had so much when he was born, everyone commented on it and now he's half bald!!! Oh well, he still looks good!!