Sunday, November 16, 2008

21 States in 5 Months

So by now you all know that we are a traveling family. Last week we celebrated Afton's 5 month birthday in Arizona. We are on the home stretch of a two week Newman Wachs Racing show car tour That spans 5,000 miles and 7 more states to add to the list for Afton. From Baltimore we traveled to Jackson, MS. We spent three days there and took off for Phoenix, AZ. The trip has been fun but I think all three of us are ready to get out of the car for good. Tonight we are in Santa Rosa, NM and will be arriving in OK tomorrow afternoon. Lucky for us we will be spending Thanksgiving there spending time with friends and family. To be honest I don't have any really funny stories to tell about Afton on this trip, he has been such a good little boy. He is starting to talk alot and rolls over faster than you can imagine. Here are the 21 states that Afton has been to. IN, IL, WI, MN, MO, OK, TX, PA, UT, AZ, NJ, NM, MD, VA, TN, MS, LA, IA, OH, GA, AL.!!!!! For all of you parents out there that think you have to keep your children on a strict schedule... I've got news for you, Afton has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old and can adapt to situations faster than most adults. Afton loves to travel, and loves spending 24 hours a day with mommy and daddy. Check in for new pictures and stories.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baltimore, MD

As most of you already know, Aislinn, Afton, and myself are in Baltimore, MD working this week. We are staying down town at the Hyatt and there is alot of fun things to do. Today we went on a tour of the USS TORSK. It is a US submarine used in WW II. Afton started the tour sleeping but woke up due to the smell of diesel fuel, and natural odor's coming from the depths of the 65 year old submarine. Lucky for us, we got some good pictures of Afton and the family. Tomorrow Aislinn has to work all day but we are going to make a point to go check out the Baltimore Aquarium in the evening. Maybe if were lucky we will get a picture of Afton riding a sting ray, or feeding a gator?? I will keep you posted.

Pictures from the USS TORSK Submarine

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So for Halloween we decided to dress Afton up as a Pea in a Pod. One reason being the bottom was inclosed so his feet and legs wouldn't get cold, and another reason being, there are no pirate costumes available for a 4 month old. One problem though is the fact that Afton is in the 95th percentile for height so in order for him to fit into his 3-9 month Pea in a Pod out fit he kind of had to bend his knees. For you guys that don't know, Afton hates to have his legs covered or confined so getting this outfit on him, and keeping him happy was not an easy task, not to mention that he couldn't wear it in his car seat so every stop we made we had to put it back on him and convince him that it wasn't going to be as bad as the last time. We made 3 stops at various friends house's until reaching our final destination of John and Sharon Fricker's. Afton's girlfriend, Tilly is the daughter of John and Sharon. Here we just hung out, had a fire, and socialized as the two little ones fell asleep. It was a great Halloween. Next we pack our bags and hit the road yet again for our 2 week family outing across the USA. First stop Baltimore, MD second stop Jackson, MS, and third, Phoenix, AZ. We will keep you posted!!

Halloween Pictures

Afton and Tilly