Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crawling Video

Afton is really tired and hungry today after watching 14 hours of the Obama inauguration with mommy. He was so into it that he decided that it would be a good day to not take a nap!!! Well its 8:30 now and you can start to tell that he hasn't had a nap. I did however get a good video of Afton crawling to his bottle, so check it out and we will keep you posted.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, it has happened. Afton has learned how to crawl. You can't tell in the pictures of course, but he's definitely figured it out. He's a little slow and often takes a header to the ground but if he wants something, he'll go after it. If I don't sound totally thrilled, it's because my baby is growing up too fast!!!! No, seriously, it's so cute and I'm very proud at how quickly he's developing.

Oh, and below is a photo of Dustin and Afton while watching the "We Are One" special on HBO where Afton was allowed to stay up late whilst singing and dancing along. He's super pumped for Obama's inauguration tomorrow and will be hosting a party for all his friends!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Afton's New House

So we've settled into the new house and since you've all been asking, here are some pictures. I've been hesitating to even post pictures because they don't do the house justice... you'll all just have to come and see us and YES, that is an indoor hot tub, and YES it will be -30 degrees wind chill on Thursday. ( I realize all you Minnesotans aren't impressed by this but that is RIDICULOUS). I shoveled the driveway for the first time in my life last Friday after I looked out the window and saw all my neighbors doing it...after 1 1/2 hours and my arm nearly falling off I was finished. Dustin said I did a good job (bless him) but the next day he shoveled it again in about 20 minutes. Well, I'm from Oklahoma people...it's 60 degrees there. Here in Chicago we're under a blizzard warning...perfect. Well, here are some pictures, and the one of Afton in front of the fire was when we first started it, it wasn't hot yet, and Dustin has his arms firmly around him so I don't want any calls from protective grandparents about the dangers of fires... :) Love you all, see you soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Big Move

Well, after nearly a week, we're finally settled in the new house in Chicago. We started packing in Indy last Monday after driving from Minnesota following Christmas. We packed the largest U-Haul truck they have full to the brim and drove up to the windy city on New Year's Eve. I made arrangements to have the cable turned on this day so we could watch tv while unpacking and at least watch the ball drop...but to no avail. The ever un-reliable cable installers didn't bring the right equipment and couldn't install it until yesterday (Sunday). So, we unloaded the truck and drove 40 minutes into Wisconsin to spend New Year's Eve with our friends at an indoor waterpark and ski area. We had a good time, but Afton wasn't too psyched...apparently he requires that any water his feet touch need be at least the temperature of bath water...so no Lake Michigan swimming for him...ever.

We have everything unpacked and Afton's room is perfect, just like the last one. We're settled in as best as we can, but it will take a few weeks to feel like home. Thanks goodness we got a GPS for Christmas otherwise we wouldn't know how to get to the grocery store, so thanks Terry and Vicky! Dustin went back to work today and me on Wednesday so Afton will go to our friend's house instead of daycare which shouldn't be too traumatic for me! Hope to see everyone soon!