Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's almost Christmas!

It is sad that we haven't made a blog post since Halloween and it's almost Christmas...I know. I am usually trying to balance nine things at once in my two hands and one of those things isn't usually a camera so we don't have much photographic evidence of the past two months...but here goes!

We went to Minnesota for Thanksgiving and this is the sole picture I took while we were there.

Afton's sporting his Thanksgiving outfit and his Conan hairdo. We're growing his hair out and it's insane right now. Insane. :)

We've had a couple of snows so far but not too much accumulation. I bought Afton a coat and bib overalls so he can play outside at school. School, you ask? Afton goes to school??? Well, no, it's not technically schoool, but that's what we call it. He's been going for almost two months now and he loves it. He gets to play with kids his age and he is in a structured, learning environment for the two days a week that I go to the office. We love his teacher, Mrs. Richards, she rocks! He runs in when I drop him off in the mornings and makes himself right at home with all the others. The second day I ever dropped him off, he went straight up to a little girl who is the same age as he is and planted a big smacker right on the lips! Already found a girlfriend after only one day! Ladies, look out...

We decorated the house with blue lights for the first time. Sadly, I do not have pictures of this but Dustin did a great job and it looks nice. We bought a real tree for the third year in a row and have accumulated quite a few decorations of the years.

Afton does great and only occasionally feels the need to touch the tree. He even says "Christmas tree" in his language although nobody other than I would recognize that's what he's saying. ;)

We've gone sledding in the backyard- we have a small hill and Afton loves it when we pull him around in it. It's very tiring so mommy and daddy take turns. Afton loves to play outside in the snow and once he got acclimated to walking around like the Michelin man we couldn't get him inside.

Afton has also discovered frosting. He licked all the frosting off my candy cane cookies and even used some to style his hair!

That's about it! We're headed to OK to spend Christmas with my family and we can't wait to see what Santa brings Afton this year!