Monday, February 23, 2009

Trains, Plains, and Automobiles

This past weekend we had grandpa and grandma Willander come into town for a couple days to see us. Afton liked the surfer shirt and the pineapple hey brought for him from Hawaii. Friday night we got about 5 inches of snow but that didn't dampen our plans for Saturday. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We had awesome time looking at all of the exhibits, especially the U505 German Uboat, and the trains. we also went the the omniplex and saw a show about the mysteries of the great lakes. Afton watched the entire movie without making a sound.To end the day we made a wax figurine, Aislinn used to make them at various attractions when she was a kid, judging the age of the machine it may have been the same one. Sunday they left to go home and we were all a little sad to go. Afton has since developed a cold and is using it for all it's worth to get what he wants, just like his daddy. .Afton-" I may be an Astronaut, I may be a farmer"Afton-"I'm not sure what this is, but my grandma wanted me to look through and smile"Afton-" Dad this car is lame and I have toys this big"

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

For Valentines day the 3 of us got all dressed up and headed to beautiful down town Libertyville for dinner. We went to 545 bar and grill and had a blast. Our reservation was for 7:00 PM which is about the time we are getting Afton ready for bed so we were hoping he would be on his best behavior. Well he was and the night was perfect. You can tell though in the Picture his is looking a little tired. He's a trooper!!

Afton,"Are you serious, a vest and dress pants at bedtime"
Afton, "This is my dest, do you have an appointment?"Afton, "You want me to do what? Bed, Sleep LOL"
Afton, "I thought if I wore his hat dad wouldn't have to go to work"Afton,"this is my boat and I fish on lake living room"

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa Willander are coming into town to visit. we are looking forward to a good weekend and hopefully good weather. Afton is also excited to see what they got for him on there trip to Hawaii!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Down Town Chi Town

Today Aislinn, Afton, and myself were thinking of fun activities to do on such a beautiful February day. After thinking about it for awhile Afton decided he was OK with just playing with his blocks and trying to eat his shoes, but we wanted to so something better than that. We decided to go down town and check out the world famous Shedd Aquarium. Afton agreed that it might be a fun thing to do so off we went. We spent most of the day down there and had a blast. Afton navigated us through the aquarium as you can see in one of the pictures. Afton also liked to touch the fish through the glass and even got in trouble by an employee for banging his fist on the glass. We saw sharks, sting ray, and every other thing imaginable that lives in the water. After our aquarium adventure we walked around by the water just enjoying the beautiful day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super bowl, super active, and super cool

So as you read Afton is getting closer and closer to have his first two little toofers pop through is gums. Lately Afton has been interested in playing with cords, not allowed, playing by the fireplace, not allowed, and crewing into the kitchen, also not allowed. He is a busy little bee. I call him Dennis from time to time because I think our little angel is turning into Dennis the Menace. He is still the perfect little angel and we love every minute of everyday with him, when we can keep up with him!!!


I see teeth! They're not quite through the gums but I see two little toothers on the bottom just about to come out! Afton's not too bothered by it, but he has to have something in his mouth which is quite normal for him... I haven't been able to snap any pictures yet but I'll keep trying!

My baby is getting sooo big!