Thursday, August 28, 2008

Travelin' Man

OK. so Afton is 11 weeks old today and has already been to 7 states...I won't go through them for you, but he has been quite the traveling man. After we flew home to Indy after Oklahoma we drove 13 hours to Minnesota to see Afton's other grandparents, and extended family, all who threw a shower for him on Saturday afternoon. He received more things than he ever imagined thanks to the graciousness of those in MN who love him. Afton also met his cousins Greta and Aaliyah, Greta is a few months older than him and was really interested in Afton's toys. Afton did not seem to mind as you can see in the pictures he slept right through most of it. We also went to 3 of Aunt Carlee's tennis matches and Afton slept through all three. By the time Wednesday came, Afton was tired of all the attention and was ready to come to his home in Indy and relax. The trip home was going well until we got to Clear Lake, Iowa. I'm not sure if he hated being in the great, exciting state of Iowa, or if he was ready to get the F out of his car seat, but we had a major meltdown in the car!! This was not your average baby in the back seat crying because he was hungry meltdown, this was a I'm holding my breath with my mouth open but no sound is coming out until I get what I want meltdown. I pulled off the Interstate not once, but twice as if there was a cougar in the back seat trying to maul us. I went from a steady cruising speed of 78mph to a dead stop, on the shoulder with the flashers on in about 3.7 seconds. After all the dust settled and my blood pressure had stabilised we were back on our way, and made it home safely. It was a great trip, thanks to all for the gifts and love.


How many people can say they have washed a combine...ok ignore that if you were born in MNNice hat

Why am I wearing a bonnet?Afton fell asleep playing with cousin Greta...
Minnesota evening


Slept right through the entire flight

The shower commitee in Minnesota

Afton loves his Aunts Nicole and Carlee

But maybe not quite as much as grandma and mom

Afton's baptism

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oklahoma Part 1

Afton and I travelled to Oklahoma to see my family last Tuesday and we flew by ourselves, which was a challenge, but arrived to a warm welcome from my family. Grandmothers and great-grandmothers and great aunts and uncles, second-cousins all came to my mom's house to visit Afton and everyone was enamoured by him. He is a little charmer. He's getting so grown-up right in front of our eyes, and he's holding his head up all by himself (mostly).

Next week we're headed to Minnesota to see the other side of our family and have Afton baptized in Dustin's childhood church. We're looking forward to that too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Road America

Well Afton is 2 months old and for his 2 month birthday present we took him to Road America for yet another big race weekend. We were there for 6 days so you can only imagine how much STUFF Aislinn thought we needed to bring. It all worked out good and we had an amazing time. To make it even better my car won the race on Sunday. Aislinn and Afton hung out at my friend Mark's motor home, and my team's Hospitality motor coach during the day while I was working. Afton had a good attitude for most of the 6 days, he hated wearing his ear muffs, but he will thank us 5 years from now when he realises he still has his hearing. It was fun to show him off again at another race. One of the engineers told Aislinn that "motherhood suits her" I would have to agree, she looks pretty good pushing that stroller around the paddock. Afton was also happy to see his favorite girl Kathrine Legge at the track, he wore his England flag shirt when he went to see her!. This week Aislinn and Afton are off to Oklahoma to see more family, and I am off to Three Rivers, Canada for another race. Talk to you soon!!! Good day!

8 week pics

Saturday, August 2, 2008

misc pictures

Swimming with Oscar

Today we went over to Scott and Jamie's house so that Afton could go swimming with his mate Oscar. We had a good time the weather was perfect and Afton's attitude was good. At first he thought that the water was too cold and told us by screaming like he was injured. All of the screaming made his friend Oscar not too keen on getting in either. Once they were in and used to the water everything was good. Afton and Oscar swam for awhile and then decided it was time for a nap. All and all it was a good day and I think that we will be back over for another day at the pool real soon.