Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick Or Treat!!

This evening Aislinn, Afton, and myself returned home from Jackson, Mississippi after being there for about a week. We took our show car to a PGA golf tournament that ended up getting rained out, but we did not let a little weather get in the way of our Trick or Treating plans. Some friends of ours happened to live in Jackson so we took advantage of it and hit the streets. Afton had it made, our friends live on a golf course so we took there golf cart door to door, A, to limit the amount that Afton had to walk, and B, more candy in a shorter time for ma and pa. Our good friend and Newman Wachs Racing driver, Jonatan Summerton stayed in town an extra night to take part in the festivities. Afton also had a few friends from the neighborhood to tag along with. A Tornado, Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, Elvis and a kid dressed up as a character from "A book Series"? I have to say that our little Garden Gnome did pretty well and scored enough candy to fill our candy bowl for the year. Special thanks to Margie, Bob, and Alex. Enjoy the pictures!!Yes I am a garden gnome, no I am not a lumber jack with red shoes"I ask for Cheerios, I get a popcorn ball!! Is this worth the hassle?"my pal, Jonathan SummertonYes it was a beard and not chest hairTrick or Treating crew 2009I hope this house has chicken nuggets!!