Monday, February 1, 2010


well, i still haven't managed to find the cord to the camera so this is going to be a picture free post. also, this post will not have correct capitalization due to the fact that my hand cramps when i try to use the left-side shift key. apparently it's all the rage now in toddler circles to remove said keys from their mommy's keyboards. i am now missing 5 keys, three of which are insignificant but the "p" key and the "shift" key are taking some getting used to.
we're going to mexico for our wedding in just under two days. we're very excited. i am starting to get stressed out, however, at the travel part of this trip. the amount of stuff that we are taking should be illegal. i've been packing for two days already to make sure we don't forget anything. it's ridiculous. dustin went to florida for almost two weeks for work and so afton and i were home alone for 11 days. this is not recommended. he also managed to catch a bug from daycare and had a 104 fever for a day or so! scary! but momma and child made it thorough without dustin (barely) and now we've got less than 48 hours before we depart for mexico!
i'm really excited that so many of our family and friends are coming. there are 30 people attending! i'm sorta bummed that none of my close friends could make it, but they all have babies and jobs and lives so i understand. it still makes me kinda sad though i must admit. but that's okay! our families are amazing and i'm so thankful for all of them. my dad is excited i think and he and slade and i haven't been on a vacation together in probably like 15 years! it will be so nice to have everyone under one roof!
oh, and travelling with so much stuff and a toddler has taken lots of planning. a taxi is picking us 3:15 in the morning on wednesday! we're taking the car seat of course, my dress, two suitcases, and a box with the decorations. afton is riding in his backpack carrier on dustin's back. let's hope he doesn't blow it out b/c i can't carry him more than 5 minutes in the thing and no stroller! we're bringing a portable dvd player and lots of books. i'm scared b/c as afton gets older, he gets more rambunctious and defiant. these two things do not bode well on 3 1/2 hour flights...does anyone know about baby benadryl?? ;) kidding, of course.
say a prayer for us and i'll have pictures soon! xxxx love you all!


The Mills Gang said...

Oh, I am so excited for you! You are going to make a beautiful bride! Be safe, good luck, take a bunch of pictures, and I'll be there in spirit! Love you!!

Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

Good luck! You will come back married! That is so exciting! Love you lots and you will be so beautiful! Have the best time ever!

Jami said...

First, I'm super excited for the blog update, even if it has no pictures! Second, I hope you find your camera cord someday soon so you can post some wedding pics! Third, I'm so excited for you guys. I hope you have a great time, all the logistics work out, and I hope Afton decides to play it cool and watch lots of DVD's on the flight! Whoever thought a destination wedding would be "easier" than a traditional wedding may not have ever had to choreograph one, huh? Have fun!

adwsellers said...

:) i saw your pictures today on fb and tears started flowing. i hate missing important days in my friends lives. but i know you were surrounded by amazing amounts of love near and FAR. i love you guys and extremely filled to the brim with joy. i love you. xoxoxo